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We know if it is your first time coming to church, it can be confusing, so we've generated some common questions you may have before coming to visit us. If you have any more please do email us. 

What do I wear?

Anything. We’re pretty causal here so come in whatever you feel comfortable!


Is the coffee free?

Yes. We want you to feel at home, so all of our coffee, tea, drinks and treats are free.


What is communion?

Most Sunday mornings we take communion. This is an act of remembrance of the sacrifice that Jesus made, that all Christian’s should take part in. If you love Jesus then we would love you to join us, however there is no pressure if you don’t want to.


Do I have to sing?

No. As part of our worship we sing a lot and we invite you to join with us in doing so, there are lots of other people singing so even if your out of tune no one will notice!


Where do I sit?

Anywhere. As long as no one else is sat in that chair you can sit there. Nobody has a specific seat and nobody will ask you to move. You can take a seat on our sofa’s in the back if that’s more comfortable for you.


What if my children are loud?

We have lots of loud children in our church and we encourage them to feel at home by laughing, playing and having a good time. We also have a Sunday School called B.A.R.N for 4-11 year olds and you are welcome to send your children. There is also a creche at the back with toys for babies and toddlers (this is not staffed) where you can take your little ones during the service.


How do I find out more?

Visit which has lots of info about our church. You can also speak to one of the leaders to find out more.


Can I ask for prayer?

Yes. Please speak to a leader who will be happy to pray for you.


Can I speak to a leader?

Yes. They are really kind and very approachable; they would love to talk to you!


Where are the toilets?

You can find ladies and gents toilets by the front door, as well as an accessible toilet in the creche


Do you do anything else during the week?

Yes. Take a look at our Visit Us section for more info


Do I need to give money?

No. We don’t expect visitors to give, but you are free to do so.

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