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Paul & Christine 



Paul is our pastor, and has been since April 2016. He is a gifted preacher and communicator, and has a real heart for what God is going to do in Gainsborough! 

Paul and Christine have been married since 1973 and have three grown up children. Paul has been in full time evangelism since 1979. Together they have been involved in church planting missions and leading and directing year-long volunteer teams in evangelism for the Assemblies of God. 

Over the years Paul has been involved in many areas of evangelism, children's work, open airs, tent missions, evangelistic meetings, as well as teaching and training within the church. Christine has a strong teaching ministry with a prophetic anointing. Their over seas mission work has taken them to Africa, India, the Middle East, USA and Canada, as well as many European nations. 


The elders of Cornerstone Christian Centre are (along with Paul and Christine) responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church.  

Jim & Sue Mackenzie 

Jim and Sue have been part of the church since 2016, and have previously led a church near Hull. They are both retired and are passionate about what God is going to do in Gainsborough.  

Jim Perks

Jim is married to Sheila, and is a semi retired shepherd. Jim has helped lead many churches in his lifetime and has a prophetic teaching ministry. 

Steve Ellis 

Steve is a teacher, specialising in pupils with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. 

Steve is a Leeds United fan, and enjoys going to the gym. He has been part of the church since attending the youth group in 1999. 


The deacons of Cornerstone Christian Centre run some of the many different ministries we have. They are responsible for day to day running of the church

Chris & Sabine South 

Chris and Sabine have four boys, all at school. They have been part of the church for two years and are passionate about children's work. 

Hazel Halstead

Hazel is married to David, and they have a grown up son. Hazel has been part of the church for over 20 years. 

Becki Dennis

Becki is a nursery nurse and started coming to church via the youth group. 

Fran Delooze

Fran is married to Pete and has been part of the church for over 10 years. She has a passion for seeing what God can do in communities around the world  


The trustees of Cornerstone Christian Centre are responsible for the legal running of the charity, there are currently four trustees, including Paul Morley and Steve Ellis 

Clare Powell 

Clare has been part of the church for around 30 years and is a successful business women owning a tutoring business with her husband Gareth. 

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