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Cornerstone Christian Centre Gainsborough is one charity, and we have several other ministries working under a different name, you can find out more by clicking on our activities page. 

The trustees of Cornerstone Christian Centre Gainsborough are responsible for legal running and oversight of the charity, they are: 

Paul Morley (Chair)

Steve Ellis 

Clare Powell 

Andy Wilkinson 

As well as the trustees, there are a number of other people who have key legal roles within the charity: 

Secretary: Hazel Halstead 

Treasurer: Chris South 

Safeguarding: Becki Dennis (Lead), Steve Ellis (Deputy)

Data Protection Manager: Steve Ellis 


Cornerstone Christian Centre Gainsborough 

Middlefield Lane 


DN21 1UN 

01427 610898


Cornerstone Christian Centre Gainsborough is a charity in England, registered under name and number, New Life Christian Fellowship, 1052170

This website is currently updated and maintained by Steve Ellis, if you have any questions please use the contact form to get in touch 

Under Data Protection legislation the church Steve Ellis is the Data Controller and can be contacted by ringing 01427 610898 or emailing


We are collecting this information in accordance with the consent you have given on our contact form.  


Data Protection legislation allows us to process this information as we regard it as being in the church’s legitimate interest.


The information you supply will be held in paper form in a folder which will be kept in a securely locked cupboard in the church office, as well as an electronic copy on a password protected computer. Only the Leaders of Cornerstone Christian Centre Gainsborough will have access to this information.  


The forms will be destroyed three months after you no longer attend, unless you have ticked the box asking us to keep you informed about future activities we think you might be interested in attending. If this is the case we will retain your details for the sole purpose of notifying you of such events. We will NOT pass on this information to anyone else. You have the right to ask to be removed from this circulation list at any time.


If you are concerned about the way your information is being handled please speak to our Data Protection Manager. If you are still unhappy you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office

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